Ventura Transmetals Pvt. Ltd. Was founded by Mr. Niraj Kumar ,M.D in the year 2006.

Mr. Niraj Kumar started his career since 1988 in Power Transmission and distribution and did many projects of supplying. Ventura has developed and distributed many items in Overhead Transmission Line Hardware as per specification and drawings given by the end users.

VTPL endeavors to be among the best of Overhead Power Transmission Manufacturer in India in Operating Efficiency, System Reliability Standards and Commercially Viable Products.

To Imbibe transparency and accountability in all production areas, be it Procurement, Manufacturing, Operations and Finishing.

Expand horizons of manufacturing activities in to state of art techniques and provide better finished goods by leveraging the Company’s available Technical and Project Expertise.

Build, in essence VTPL to a Company geared to high standards of Management Capabilities and Professional Performance.

Our Goals:

  • Superior quality
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing unit
  • Well trained and experienced workforce
  • Transparent and ethical services
  • Availability of customization
  • Economical prices
  • Timely execution of orders.
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