VTPL real strength lies in its Design & Engineering Values. There is a dedicated in-house Design Team which consists of people who are well equipped with modern technologies and tools knowledge.

We design custom designs and work closely with our prestigious clients to manufacture well-designed and high in class products.

The customer side team gives the input to Design team and then the rest of the team members try to achieve the same and provide finished goods with world-class attributes and as per specific standards.

To Validate the Design & Engineering of products, VTPL has deployed State of the Art Designing concepts which includes preparation of drawings on CAD, visualization of the product, modelling of product by making sample templates.

Simultaneously the weight of the product, mechanical load & other mechanical properties are also simulated through computer, which guides in proper designing of the product, besides the manual preparation of sample and testing the same as per the product & quality requirement.

During the production, proper guidance & inspection is carried out to ensure the correct manufacturing practices.

Products are tested in the In-house laboratory for various parameters to check the requirements and it is ensured that they fulfill customer 's requirement and company's standard quality plan.

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